Color Consultation

Perhaps the  moistures part of painting a home for our clients is what colors they should  use or what paint company should they buy from? At Decor Elite our experienced staff will walk you through every step of the process. We offer a large variety of color schemes and decorative finishes to help achieve your desired look. Open up a smaller room  by using lighter colors or highlight a room with an accent wall. Match paint colors off a beautiful floor or show off that new furniture by picking just the right color. Have damaged walls or water stains? What's the correct procedure to fix the problem? Are moldings more elegant looking and are they right for this room? Relax.

Our certified decorative painters and carpenters will explain every aspect of the job with multiple options and will find just the right one for you. We can apply sample colors to the walls or create one just for you. We custom create decorative samples for each client and no two are the same. Call today and book a free color consult!

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